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Back at the dawn of the millenium, still riding high and flush with the runaway
success of Buffy (and to a lesser extent, its weird spinoff Angel) and not
long before his foray into comics as writer of one of the bigger X-Men titles,
Joss Whedon struck gold of a sort with perhaps the most viral and notable of
his fan favorites: Firefly.

While having a decidedly troubled history with the network (who aired
episodes out of order and with long breaks, before taking the series off air
without even showing all the material filmed (!), Whedon’s quirky take on a
self-made ‘family’ of misfits in a postapocalyptic feeling sci-fi/western struck
all the right notes, from excellent casting to strong writing and memorable
performances, even managing to pull in a few notable cult guest stars during
its brief run.

With a vocal fanbase chomping at the bit for the series’ return and strong
sales of the DVD releases, Whedon was able to convince an unrelated
major studio to fund what should have brought proper closure to the
abbreviated TV series and its many hanging plotlines…but which failed
miserably at that very task, pulling off into some very odd, dark directions and
suffering from worse looking CG than the series that preceded it.

Some of the cast would continue on in Whedon’s other works (from a still
ongoing Buffy and Angel to Dr. Horrible) and either hail from or move on to
sporadic work in other cult series (The Guild, Doom Patrol, Alias, Cleopatra
2025, V, Stargate Atlantis, Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Magicians,
Gotham). One would even memorably grace a major comic book film
(Deadpool). But most would wind up in the comparative oblivion of cartoon
voice over work, leaving this one series as their collective high point of
creativity and notability.

So all you Browncoats, dust off your battle jackets and join us, as we delve
as deeply as we dare into the dusty, lawless frontiers of the outer galaxy, with
the fractious family…er, crew of the Firefly class Serenity, only here on Weird

Week 77: Calling All Browncoats!


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