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Next time, we’re taking on another counterculture icon!

This time around, we take on a Canadian actor and former radio newsman hailing from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in his younger days. As such, it’s probably no surprise he hails mainly from Scotch stock (with a bit of German in there for good measure)…

He double majored in, of all things, engineering and drama, quickly dropping all the dry bourgeoise practicalities of applied math to pursue acting across Western Europe, doing a lot of work in cult British television and horror films before finding a niche as a rebellious hippie outsider type in several celebrated war films of the late 60’s and early 70’s – the Dirty Dozen, Kelly’s Heroes, the Eagle Has Landed…and he introduced the pivotal role of Hawkeye in the original film version of M.A.S.H., later to make Alan Alda quite possibly the biggest star of the 70’s and oft referenced sine qua non of the sensitive post feminist “New Man” of the decade.

Front and center in a number of important films throughout the 70’s – Klute, Don’t Look Now, Eye of the Needle, work with Fellini and Bertolucci, even Animal House – he’d close the decade with an even more paranoid and effective update of the 50’s sci fi classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, before falling into a long run of workaday films that kept the bills paid but offer little of interest to the cult film aficionado.

well…there IS Buffy the Vampire Slayer to contend with, and the tween Sci-Fi bowlderization of Battle Royale, The Hunger Games. Hell, he even wound up in a Kate Bush video!

So join us as we talk one of the true icons of 60’s and 70’s cinema and Canada’s finest, the one and only Donald Sutherland!

Week 67: Stranger in a Strange Land: the Counterculture of Donald Sutherland


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