This post was published on the Facebook page a week and a half back.
But given several recent hits from those curious, we’re repeating here.

Season 6 has effectively closed out with the Mission Impossible show.

But have no fear, we’ve just settled on our topics for Season 7, which include some big names and some more cult ones, including:

TWO top tier action film stars,

one longstanding box office draw,

a Hong Kong hottie (and action film star in her own right!),

a quirky (and much beloved) character actor with more films and television under his belt than you can imagine,

and a notorious bottom feeder producer who worked everything from ersatz Kung fu films to Eurotica to grotty slashers…

…and did we mention, the King of Rock n’ Roll (!)

Plus we’ll be sprinkling that damn three part comic book movie thing in whenever we get around to editing it all…

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!