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The show that launched not only a sequel a decade and a half on, but an equally popular movie series two full decades thereafter, the tropes and score of Mission Impossible have been used, referenced and celebrated throughout popular culture well past any similar series’ shelf life.

Despite an odd insistence on avoidance of actual characterization or backstory, this unique spy cum heist series went on to be nominated for and win any number of awards throughout its run, including 6-10 Emmy nominations a year for its original Landau/Bain incarnation and 1-3 Golden Globe ones for an overlapping 5 of its 7 remaining seasons…no mean feat, for a low to middling budgeted, mainly set-bound mid-60’s television series!

With a rotating cast centered on a few central figures (themselves often rotating in and out of the series over the course of its lengthy run), the series was later followed by not only a surprisingly good late 80’s revival series (with a nearly all-Australian cast and setting, and despite its partial “direct remake” of previous series scripts) featuring return appearances from several veterans of its 1966-73 forbear,

but further by two of its leads’ entree into the pensive hard SF of Gerry and Silvia Anderson’s UK based Space 1999, which married the format of Star Trek with the aesthetic of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 before imploding following a major, controversial overhaul in season 2 that saw most of its core characters, themes and tropes overturned, betraying nearly everything that made the first season so fascinatingly special…

Join us as we discuss the long and winding fuse that ties these three series together, as we talk the good, the bad and the ugly of both series of Mission Impossible and Space 1999!

Week 55
This podcast will self destruct in 5 seconds – Mission Impossible and Space 1999


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