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A Russian-Pole cabaret singer and contemporary (and collaborator!) of Edith Piaf, Eddie Constantine made his fame in the bohemian Left Bank of Paris…first as a proto-Serge Gainsbourg chanteur…but more famously, as the unlikely star of a long running series of generally hard boiled neo-noir (but just as often, self-mocking and comedically oriented!) crime pictures.

Much beloved, oft imitated but never paralleled, Constantine would appear in films by the likes of Jean Luc Godard and Jesus (Jess) Franco, appearing in contemporaneous and parallel series as long running detective novel standby Nick Carter and his own Lemmy Caution, as well as any number of similarly-minded one off roles to which he brought simultaneous good humor, a hard luck “tough guy” noir ethos, likeability and gravitas.

Join us as we celebrate one of the greats of French cinema, the inimitable Eddie Constantine!

Week 48:
Watch Out, Baby…it’s Eddie Constantine! 


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