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We’d previously discussed the life and career of one of his most famed (and controversial) collaborators, Oliver Reed…and now we go whole hog and dive in for the full monte.  Just pardon us if we don’t wrestle in the buff…

A wild visionary filmmaker, England’s Ken Russell has traversed the heights of critical approval and fame and wallowed in the swamps and sewers of their approbation throughout his long and winding career.  While many would laud his efforts with Reed (and takes on Who-penned rock operas), who but us would equally (if not moreso) both defend and celebrate such efforts as Altered States, Gothic, Whore, Lair of the White Worm and Crimes of Passion…most of which yours truly greatly prefers to their more popularly beloved forebears?

So join us as we delve into the classicism, phallic obsessions, homoeroticism and all out madness of one of arthouse (and sleaze)’s most controversial cinematic auteurs, the legendary Ken Russell!

Week 45:
Embracing Mania – Ken Russell in the 80’s


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