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Never Say Never Again!

After 15 months of inactivity and darkness across the podcast landscape (with a few sporadic breaks of light courtesy of Third Eye Cinema),

with At Eye Level‘s 6 or 7 years worth of material migrated over to Archive.org and Weird Scenes, the Third Eye Cinema podcast (for the most part) and a certain other podcast yours truly has been involved with having all gone dark for the nonce, things were looking a bit grim on the airtime front.

But even in our nigh-complete absence from the airwaves, an ever-increasing contingent of listeners and fans has continued to grow posthumously, with longtime listeners coming to one or the other of our various cohosts with kind words of accolade and encouragement, unanimously wondering just when (not “if”, but pointedly “when”) we’d be back on air.

Well, buckle up, folks, because your prayers and supplications have been answered…

That’s right, “Doc” Savage and Louis Paul are back together, for a long awaited Season 5!

This round, we’ll be taking on an ever-diverse selection of European and domestic cinema both “high art” and “low”, from the arthouse oriented to the most obscure of cult, grindhouse and drive-in auteurs and stars…all the while deftly dancing around the huge swathes of such already covered in relative depth over our past 43 episodes plus (a challenge in and of itself!)

So join us for our usual convivial fireside chats, and tune in, turn on and take a step outside the mainstream as we dig deep into the likes of:

Week 44: The First Gay Action Hero? George Nader and the films of Jerry Cotton

Week 45: Embracing Mania – Ken Russell in the 80’s

Week 46: The Icy Eyes of Death – the films of Barbara Steele

Week 47: In the Shadow of Giants: the Weird World of Amicus films

Week 48: Watch Out, Baby…It’s Eddie Constantine

Week 49: …Io, Emmanuelle – an exploration and overview of the global Em(m)anuelle filmic phenomenon

And for the big Week 50 milestone…the cinema of Radley Metzger (and “Henry Paris”)!

Join us, won’t you?

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