As we’re in a season of renewal and new beginnings, we’re looking to give the bird to that old Holly King and put a stake through the black heart of one of the most difficult, rewardless years in more than a decade.

That’s right: we’re looking for a new cohost. Or perhaps, to borrow an idea from another enjoyable film podcast, rotating cohosts.

And one of them could be…you!

If you have an affinity towards and good knowledge of cult cinema and television (with an emphasis on genre, drive in, grindhouse and exploitation from the talkies through the early to mid 90’s HBO/Skinemax/Night Flight/Up All Night “straight to video” circuit),

and are interested in coming onboard for our patented brand of freeform discussion on actor/director filmographies and genre highpoints,

Just drop us a line or comment at one of the pages (WordPress, Facebook or Twitter) and let’s get this train a’ rollin’ once again!

We have no interest in sitting on our laurels and leaving things half-finished.

But we need you to bring Weird Scenes back online…and better than ever.

A good sense of humor and lack of “political correctness” a must…but you already knew that, didn’t ya?

https://twitter.com/WeirdScenes1 (@weirdscenes1)