…and some of the humor and politicosocial sentiments expressed therein may enjoy At Eye Level, our longest running podcast (since Summer of 2011, in fact!), where standup comic Matt G and “Doc” Savage (Third Eye Cinema, Weird Scenes) discuss current events from our own down to Earth, tongue in cheek absurdist and decidedly blunt perspective.

Telling tales out of school about the oddball experiences of our respective past history, schadenfreude from the Agony Columns, “weird news” from all around the world, politics, sophomoric hijinx, fart jokes and high art from two intellectually inclined yet pointedly unafraid to go “lowbrow” old high school pals, coast to coast (NYC/L.A….now the Midwestern climes of Colorado), it’s the same sort of good natured joshing, comic nonsense and deep perspective on life, the universe and everything you know and love about the “warmup” sections and asides in Weird Scenes…but it’s the entire show, this time.

Plus, our newest cast member: Durn Squiggly and his weekly Netflix film reviews!

Could be your idea of heaven…could be hell…give it a shot and you decide!