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West Virginia born Roger “Tony Anthony” Pettito made a name for himself when he moved to Italy and starred in the Stranger series, presenting a uniquely sleazy, sneaky and quite amoral antihero fairly far removed from the likes of Clint Eastwood, Gianni Garko, Franco Nero, William Berger or even Lee Van Cleef!

Breaking ties with original director Luigi Vanzi, Anthony came to even greater
prominence (and more entertaining films) in partnership with Ferdinando Baldi
for the Ringo Starr-ing Blindman, the genre blending Get Mean and the two
films that kickstarted the short lived early 80’s 3D cinema revival, Comin At
Ya! and the Indiana Jonesesque Treasure of the Four Crowns!

Join us as we take the last train to Clarksburg, and talk the brief but
fascinating career of Tony Anthony, only here on Weird Scenes Inside the

Week 38
Tony Anthony, still Stranger


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