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This week, we go south of the border to sunny South America!

A true pioneer in outsider cinema, Jose Mojica Marins fought both poverty and
governmental censure to create and release his homegrown cinema of
philosophical and literal transgression, using throwaway celluloid short ends
and scratching “special effects” directly on the emulsion to bring his
uniquely Nietzchean anticlerical Xe do Caixao (better known on these shores as
Coffin Joe) and faux-messianic madman Finis Hominis to an outraged (but
fascinated) citizenry!

Allegedly (re)discovered by and granted his English language moniker by none
other than Something Weird impresario Mike Vraney, their VHS reissues of these
forgotten early 60’s-mid 70’s pieces of art maudit brought what had been an
exclusively South American boogeyman (complete with a series of horror comics
hosted by and featuring him) to a somewhat controversial international

We’ll also be moving further south to chat about free spirited zaftig
Argentinian hot tamale Isabel Sarli and her enabler Armando Bo (Fuego), and the
quirky sex-horror of Emilio Vieyra (Feast of Flesh, Blood of the Virgins,
Curious Dr. Humpp)!

It’s a party down South of the Border, only here on Weird Scenes Inside the

Week 34
Cinema South of the BorderĀ – Coffin Joe, Emilio Vieyra and Isabel Sarli


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