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Tonight, we delve into the oft intertwined histories of Charles Band and Dave DeCoteau!

Kicking off his career as a lowly production assistant under Roger Corman, Dave DeCoteau went on to helm dozens of films for Full Moon and its offshoot Torchlight Pictures throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s before establishing his own homoerotically oriented Rapid Heart Pictures.

Charles Band continued his father’s theatrical tradition, enlisting his brother for soundtrack composition and establishing first his own Charles Band Productions, then the even more successful Empire Pictures and finally the label he’s best known for, Full Moon!

With a history of highly entertaining films produced on a low budget but with aesthetic values and quirky concepts that belie their financial origins, Band produced and directed over a hundred films between his late 70’s debut and the early millenium, and remains active in more of a niche, rather un-Full Moonlike market to this day.

Join us as we talk the rise and fall of Charles Band, Empire and Full Moon, plus his most consistent (and consistently entertaining) contributor, Dave DeCoteau!

Week 31
Full Moon Rising: Dave DeCoteau, Charles Band, Empire and Full Moon


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