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This week, we’re talking the undisputed king of classic Italian horror!

From his roots as a cinematographer for forgettable neo-realist dramas and sword and sandal pepla, Mario Bava rose from uncredited co-direction to full fledged auteurism on many of the all time classics of the horror genre!

Nearly singlehandedly creating the Italian Gothic, the Giallo and the 80’s slasher film well before these subgenres would flourish, Bava languished without any real critical approval for decades, only coming to appreciation long after his death in the DVD era. A genius at staging (it’s said he could take a few potted plants and a column or two and turn them into at least four completely different sets), he was a man noted for his sense of humor and dismissiveness about his own work…and yet, he crafted some of the most morbid, dark and for the time, extreme visions in cinema.

Join us as we talk one of the true greats in Italian cult cinema, and obvious inspiration for so many even more famed auteurs (and genres) to follow somewhat slavishly in his footsteps – the inimitable Mario Bava!

Week 17
Ciao, Mario


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