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This week, we’re giving another look at the perennially divisive Jesus Franco Manera, favorite son of Spanish (and French, and German…) cult film aficionados everywhere.

Once popularly derided and critically despised, a large percentage of Franco’s extensive filmography has since been given a reappraisal in the light of HD restorations from any number of cult “boutique” labels in the DVD era.

Tonight, we pick up after the Soledad Miranda era, when Franco regrouped and came back swinging with his longtime open relationship domestic partner (and eventual wife) Lina Romay, who would stand with him through the remainder of his 1970’s heyday and endure if not drive his long decline into the hardcore arena, before his belated resurgence of popularity and move into the very personal if admittedly flawed shot on video arena.

We’ve spoken to the extremely prolific Senor Franco twice before, so let’s see just how far we can get before the clock runs down on us once more!

Week 8
Back to the Well with Jess Franco (pt. 3)


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