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This week, we’ll be talking the mighty Hammer films!

Critically derided and viewed as sordid for their emphasis on (for the time) gruesome horror and sexuality, Hammer Films rose from a no-budget film noir and Hitchcock knockoff concern to one of the most recognizable and universally beloved producers of gothic horror!

Driven by regular airings on syndicated television throughout the 1960s-1980s, Hammer, alongside its classic Hollywood predecessors at Universal, practically singlehandedly spawned the “monster kid” generation who drove the fanzine and DVD revolution we’re still reaping the benefits of to this day, not to mention revitalizing and inspiring interesting copycat concerns throughout the previously moribund British film industry of the 1970s.

Join us to see just how far we can get through the vast Hammer filmography before the clock runs down…

Week 5
Hammer, House of Horror


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